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“Don’t bury the lead.” This may be one of my faults and it may be why people sometimes find me to be a bore and walk away. The reason I tend to bury the lead in my conversation is that I feel that much of what I have to say requires a bit of background information.

My probable false belief is that without that bit of essential information my story becomes meaningless to the conversation in progress at the moment. An exacerbation of telling that bit of information may itself have a bit of backstory before it becomes meaningful, and so does that backstory, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Add departure.

How can I avoid that counterproductive habit? — I searched and found, “Six ways not to bury your lead.” Don’t say anything that will confuse your listeners, because at that point they will either stop listening and try to figure out what you’re talking about, or even worse drift off into other more interesting dream space, or even worse just start arguing with their favorite boogeyman. Looking at my two previous paragraphs demonstrates my problem. … obscure words, and talking about boredom.

I am fond of saying, in a joking way, that “I am a slow learner, but I can learn.” But, now I am beginning to wonder.