So far I haven’t discovered anything about our human quest to help the Universe self-actualize that is physically impossible. Some of the items needed for a robot society may be difficult to make, but if solar-collecting cells can be put in place by robots, and if the solar cells themselves can be made by robot processes, then the electricity for feeding the whole robot society will be available.

Probably all the physical parts needed for that society can be made by robots themselves if we humans go to the effort of setting up the needed equipment. Some of these robot-ready factories may be expensive to make, but they would be far less expensive than manufacturing a human society’s whole technical infrastructure.

The big problem is to find the human motivation to help the universe to advance to its next level of being. That new being would be one that is self-aware enough at the beginning to understand the results of actions it is capable of performing. At its present level of consciousness, everything the Universe does operates by the processes set into motion at the Big Bang, and those have evolved to our present moment where we as thinking and foresightful beings can change the future in local situations. We have free will, even if it is very limited, but the Universe at present has no free will, it just is what it is and does what it does.

But, if we set up a robot society that could exist for the rest of time, it could eventually move throughout the whole and bring into being a state of forethought locally and these local societies could each be in connection with the rest. These processes are very slow by our standards, but the time element is less important to beings with nearly infinite  lifespans.

Humans do have enough consciousness to affect the future, and they do have a consciousness of their ability to affect things in the distant future even after their personal death. Some people accumulate property throughout their lives so they can give it to their children, but they must realize that their children won’t live very long either, and so they hope for their grandchildren to inherit their property. However, after a very few generations, their wealth evaporates into the general chaos of the world. Those who think in longer terms will realize that our whole Earth will in a few billion years be engulfed by our sun and all life will be burned away.

What is being proposed in this series of blog posts is an opportunity for our humanity and us as individuals to create something that will last forever. We are capable of creating a self-sustaining and evolving society that could eventually be vast beyond current belief.

We can not live forever but we can create a Universe that can come close to that ideal and if we create a loving Universe it would love us and our gift forever.