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“Age brings wisdom” is thought by middle age adults to be true, by youth to be silly, by old people to be obvious, and by geriatrics to be slipping away into useless information. I will officially turn eighty-three tomorrow at midnight, so I can no longer consider myself as old … I am now geriatric. The life expectancy of people in ancient times was about twenty-eight years, which meant they were only adults for eight years. But I at eighty-three have had sixty-three years of adulthood. That is almost eight times as much adult experience as an average person in distant times. Did I learn anything in that greater time, with greater access to the vast learning available nowadays? I think so.

Strange as it may seem to others, I feel that I am transitioning into a new life, a new opportunity, and a new adventure. Before now, when approval of my ideas had some value to me, not much, but some, I wouldn’t have dared to proclaim something so audacious as my intention to help the Universe Self-Actualize.

I have worked for ten years on this blog “Probaway – Life Hacks ~ Many helpful hints on living your life more successfully” without much reward, so it doesn’t bother me that I will now work on a subject that everyone will consider beyond audacious, perhaps even beyond absurd. How can a geriatric man hope to help 1 tic 22 stars and their associated planets to Self-Actualize their potential? (That is an example of my new numbering system, actually the old one but pronounced differently for compactness, 1 x 10^22 stars.) The more distant of those stars would take tens of billions of years to reach at near the speed of light.

Okay, it is not technically impossible for a bit of information to travel that far, so why should it be thought crazy to attempt to do that exact thing? It is especially strange to me that people should respond positively to vast amounts of public information that is technically impossible if it fits into their hope-filled worldview and reject something infinitely more important.

Now is the time for the Universe to transition into a thinking being and we have the technology to make that happen.