A prayer to the Universe

A request to the Universe in the form of a prayer.

Humanity with its current technological expertise is in a rare position where it is capable of helping the Universe to transition into its next potential level of existence. We have already built most of the infrastructure necessary to build self-sustaining robotic life forms. Organic life forms were only capable of evolution once the first organic chemicals formed chains that could replicate themselves. Once that process happened that form could fill the local environmental niche with as many of its copies as could be sustained. Some of these copies would be on the periphery of the livable zone and those in that new location that survived best would fill that niche. That process, repeated many times, produced sentient human beings who created a technological society capable of inventing sentient robots. We have arrived at that level and we have the choice to proceed onto the next stage of the Universe approaching its potential for self-actualization. The robot society once functioning could evolve and exist until the Universe ran out of energy, but at the beginning, the robots are too complex to form naturally. We are capable of helping them come into existence and therefore to project our human presence into the distant future. And we can choose to get this new sub-species of humans off onto a positive relationship with their environment, as it appears that we humans are not capable of doing. We are capable of living for a hundred years, our species for perhaps a million years, but the robot species we can create could live for hundreds of billions of years. What we create now could live for a billion times longer than we as individuals could expect for ourselves.

We can choose to become immortal or in our present form to be extinct very soon.