That is the title of the previous four posts on this subject, and it sounded good at the time, but I discovered on rereading them that what I had written had failed to pry out anything in a way that gave a workable answer. “How can I identify and eliminate my false beliefs?” isn’t specific enough to reveal my beliefs, let alone my false beliefs.

Now the process will be: I am going to look for things that I want to believe. Those will be things I will tend to seek evidence for that supports these preexisting beliefs, and I will tend to reject ideas and facts that don’t support my beliefs.

One of my key beliefs about people is that they are seeking truth, and each person is on a unique path to that goal. I value each person’s input to a conversation because I assume they have refined the concept of their reality and their search to maximize the personal utility of their discoveries. Unfortunately, from my view of reality, this seems to be a false assumption. People aren’t seeking a long-term solution to their problems because that requires paying attention to what’s happening, thinking about cause and effects, and projecting their mind into the future to anticipate probable outcomes of various actions. It appears that few people bother to think much about the effects of their present actions. Instead, they pay attention to the pleasures of the immediate actions and their plans are to get more of these short-term rewards.

I have the problem of seeking instant gratification of my animal needs and reflexes. When there is a nice bowl of trail mix with various nuts, seeds, raisins, cranberries, and other little tasty things I have trouble not taking a few. During my eighteen months of intermittent dieting, where I didn’t eat anything between 6PM and noon, there wasn’t a problem. But I have been off of all dieting for the last couple of months and nibbling has become a problem. Absolute abstinence is much easier than perfect moderation. My problem has been compounded because I am currently at number 16 of 44 scheduled radiation treatments, and my medical team wants me to maintain my weight to ease the stress on my body of the treatment. That little okay in my mind makes it easy to overdo it on the trail mix.

It appears I slipped a little off of my goal of looking for things I want to believe. I’ll write on this subject again.