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Moving on. After some rather unpleasant moments over the last few weeks that set me to thinking about my priorities, I moved into the mental space that most people seem to be in all the time. Basically, it is, “I’m right and you’re wrong!” Generally, when I am in conversation with people, that kind of ideation doesn’t enter my mind. I prefer to explore the fringes of what we know as a group intelligence, discern our commonalities and then explore the overlaps and the contradictions within those overlaps. Of course, I am not thinking those words while the conversations are in progress, but that is what is pulling at my mind and habits.

Over the years I must have watched too much late night comedy which combined with my youthful, teens and twenties, habit of sarcasm has primed me to make light of all and talk flexibly of everything. I endeavor to be absolutely in alignment with reality at all times, that is with testable reality, which is a reality that reasonably sane, informed, and involved people agree upon. Although I go astray sometimes, my mental processes often bring people to laughter when they prefer to talk seriously about whatever the subject at hand happens to be. My natural mode prefers a comedic touch to everything because it is when people are in an expansive frame of mind that they are capable of actually thinking. By thinking I mean exploring new realities and their possibilities rather than the more serious form of the conversation where people dribble out their serious, tough-minded thoughts. That is little more than presenting their rigidities and preconceptions in a conversational format and doesn’t explore and integrate the other people’s ideas into the overall group discovery. That style of conversation tends to entrench the speaker’s formerly held beliefs.

If people are not laughing, or at least chuckling, they are not discovering new ideas, and if people are working on a project in a state of emotional excitement, like anger or resentment, they are being reactive to animal instincts and they aren’t being creatively productive. True creativity requires intense calm and paying rapt attention to the thing being created. At those times there is no space in the consciousness for any emotion as the interlocutor in this situation is the thing that is speaking to you as you create it. The object of creation is your companion in discovery. I suspect that what may appear to other people as my false beliefs are what I think of as aspects of testable reality made visibly real.

For example, This is not a chair. This is not even a picture of a chair. This is a picture of a shadow of a chair. It isn’t a pipe either

I took this picture this morning while talking with M. It’s not a chair. It’s a picture of mundane reality that we have all seen but didn’t see.