I have nothing to say. It was a day like many others for me. I got up and watered the garden, and did a little fussy raking up dried weeds. Then, I went to my coffee shop and had a fine conversation with R. Then I hurried home and had a quick lunch of a half a bagel covered with olive oil/butter, sunflower seed butter, cream cheese, and a handful of trail mix of six different nuts with cranberries and raisins.

Then off to the Bend Cancer Center for my twelfth radiation treatment for prostate cancer. It was fifty minutes from sitting here at my computer to back here sitting at my computer, with only ten minutes inside of the small car-size machine slowly rotating around me. While at the clinic I gave a photograph to one of my friends who is also one of my fellow prostate cancer treatment buddies. In the lobby had a short conversation with J another of my personal friends. Out the hospital door and home, as I said.

Then I went out in the garden and did some heavier work where I wielded a pick-ax digging up some roots from one of the trees that blew down last year. These roots were invisible about an inch under the surface, but that area will be planted next spring in something, and old dead roots wouldn’t be of any use. The thirty-gallon wheeled garbage container was packed down and sledgehammered (there’s a German length word) down again and filled up again until it was totally full and quite heavy. It was put out at its collection position.

Then I took Debbie off on one of her journeys and I waited for a while reading a Reader’s Digest, which was provided for distraction. It was called the Genius issue. I got all of the word quiz answers right, as usual, and found some articles of interest for the hour.

We then ate at the Drake, a high-end restaurant here in downtown Bend, and watched the many tourists cruising around. The meal was tasty and the view was fun enough but all in all it was rather idle entertainment. We went home and then went for our usual short stroll to get five thousand steps into Debbie’s tracker.

I don’t know why I have been so tired, but the prostate doctor, Doctor O, tells me that the treatments will make me feel tired even when I don’t do anything. I did put in about an hour of sweaty labor, so I guess that’s it.

I feel tired.