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We often hear the words, “Who cares?” It is often associated with the feeling of indifference but more importantly, it also has a vast array of positive meanings. Perhaps the most positive use of “WHO cares!” means the World Health Organization cares. Hmm? An organization, an abstract thing, it isn’t a human being or a dog, and so it can’t care. Certainly there are people within that and other similar organizations who do care, and people who are drawn to the mature aspects of caring are attracted to those organizations. I know there are people within the Center for Disease Control, the CDC, who care. And many people give their time and energy to help people they don’t know because they care in the abstract about people’s needs, about humanity’s needs.

There are many helping occupations which are low-paid personal care and service occupations and they are essential.

Another group of caring people is writers and other artists who create meaning for people’s lives with their work. I suppose everyone who has a job, even though it is for personal reasons, is working for the whole of the community and caring for the greater good. That was the idea that the philosopher Adam Smith asserted.

Another group of people who are at the pinnacle of caring and are often killed for their intense message is the founders of religious traditions.

Perhaps I am reaching too far, but recently I have been caring for the whole Universe.

A prayer to the Universe

Who cares about something so very remote? I do.