How can we possibly know what is good information in this world of fake news, and what are the proper actions that should be derived from our information?

I created this scale for measuring the trustworthiness of information back in 2007, and here it is eleven years later and I don’t have anything better to use as a general guide for determining the quality of information. Click here for a big and printable view.

Trustworthiness of Information

Trustworthiness of Information

To live in alignment with our world we must have accurate data input into our sense organs and a healthy body and brain and a sane mind or no matter what our information is we will misinterpret it and go astray. For that reason, we must make an earnest attempt to get quality information as much as possible and avoid being exposed to poor quality information. We then take what information we have and our brain organizes it into patterns of knowledge and habits. Then with the use of habits and experience from the results of those things we, with a meditation on our experiences, develop the wisdom of how things function and we can predict with some accuracy future results of our actions.

The end result of quality information is quality actions bringing quality results. That requires forethought and some might say cunning to get those results.