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Perhaps cosmologists have already dealt with our role in the evolution of the Universe but because they haven’t convinced themselves how our Universe will end up it doesn’t seem likely that they have answered my simple question. My post, Humanity’s destiny is to help the Universe to actualize its potentials states the obvious at the opening:

“It isn’t hubris to seek to help the Universe to actualize its potentials, but rather it is the responsibility of a sentient species anywhere in the Universe to do so. We as sentient carbon-based biological beings who for the moment have a fully functioning, technologically sophisticated society capable of creating vastly more stable silicon-based sentient beings must do so while we have the resources.”

(The following words and image are derived from Wikipedia – the Ultimate fate of the Universe.)

We can estimate the size of the Universe at present but the time that will exist and its ultimate fate is related to how fast it is expanding. If Ω > 1, then the geometry of space is a closed universe, gravity eventually stops the expansion of the universe, after which it starts to contract until all matter in the universe collapses to a point, a final singularity termed the “Big Crunch“, the opposite of the Big Bang. But if Ω < 1, the universe expands forever, with gravity negligibly slowing the rate of expansion. If the average density of the universe exactly equals the critical density so that Ω = 1, the universe expands forever but at a continually decelerating rate, with expansion asymptotically approaching zero.

It appears from the statement and the graphic that the Universe has over 15 billion years life expectancy and probably much much more. For purposes of this discussion, the plan is to create a robot society that can move off our Earth and colonize other places, even other star systems, and intergalactic space. A robot in a state of suspended animation in a deep-space container at a near absolute zero temperature could remain viable for billions of years. With that expanse of time available the physical robots could move to other non-robot-filled galaxies and help them with their potentials to help the Universe to self-actualize. That means to actualize into its reality things that we can not conceptualize, or fantasize about, or even be exposed to in nightmare dreams. The reason for our limitation is the lack of power of a three-pound thinking device compared to ones the size of galaxies.

If these galactic-sized thinking devices can survive until the end of the energy potentials of any of the potential Ω outcomes they can fully realize what should be called Universal Self-Actualization.

What we can do now is to set in motion the evolutionary processes of self-replicating robots.