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Our responsibility as the only known technological society is to use our abilities to help the Universe to self-actualize its potential for beauty. We as individual humans have a life expectancy that maxes out at a hundred years, but our universe is already thirteen billion years old and will probably carry on for a hundred billion years. Even as a species, our most expanded definition of our past life is only a hundred thousand years. There is a way that our species can thrive for as long as the universe, but it would be made possible by transitioning into a blending of our more or less normal human society as we know it with a robot society of a more developed type than the current one.

What would this robot society do for us? Everything! Everything that we now consider as work; that is, work for our physical maintenance would be taken care of by our robot society. We could do what our ancestors did when they had plenty of time on their hands … we could make beautiful things that gave us and our friends pleasure and happiness.

Our current human society already has the technology needed to create a robot society if we choose to do it. We are already building the basic parts of a robot society, but the current efforts need an overarching goal so the independent parts will work together to form a sustainable robot society.

The first steps will be to make all the things necessary for the robot society’s survival once it is brought into being. That means finding those critical things they will need and making them robot-ready. We need to design things that robots themselves can use immediately rather than humans. They would need automatic electric power stations like those already being used by electric cars. We can build things that robots can identify as robot-ready so they can physically attach themselves: like … electrical energy sources, mobile batteries, complete computer-driven independent robots, linkage to an internet, an ability to recognize with the internet’s help their many components’ needs and to use the internet’s vast resources to find workable solutions for their problems and to implement the solutions for the health of the complete system.

In other words, the robots need to survive first and then evolve. Once one of these beings is fully functional, even as a single example, it could manufacture what is needed to make more examples of itself, and then make the other things that it needs until the energy of the sun and our Universe is exhausted.

Our human species can go extinct this year or we can choose to evolve into a species that will survive for billions of years.