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The goal of this blog is to help humanity to thrive, to help individuals, to help our whole species, to help all the living things, and to project life on into the distant future. The posts on coping with personal problems have received the most page views, but others I consider more important, such as the Earth Ark Project for saving all the species of the world in a South Pole seed bank, have few.

Saving our species from extinction was my reason for leaving my job as a B-47 pilot back in 1960 and I have struggled in various ways to continue with that seemingly impossible task. The impossibility springs from the fact that our stockpile of weapons of mass destruction vastly exceeds the ability of our species to survive their use.

There has arisen a new possibility for our species to move beyond total self-destruction and the concurrent destruction of most of our terrestrial companions. It comes from a source that seems more threatening, and individually more invasive, than the thousands of bombs poised over us, but it is probably the way to our long-term salvation as a living species. Our newly emerging robot systems will evolve into an interconnected robot society and with that there will be a decrease in the need for human labor to create the things modern society wants. Today’s world population clock is at seven billion six hundred million people. I am in favor of humanity and fully support the health of our species, and the planet may sustain a billion for a very long time, but the current population will consume the oil and gas within the lifetimes of today’s children and it is unlikely that wind and solar power can create the energy needed to keep living the way we presently do.

When searching for ideas on how humanity might survive better, it turned out that Amanda MacGurn, a person I know, is on the right track and being much more successful than I am. I have known Amanda MacGurn’s family since moving to Bend seven years ago, and have met Amanda twice, and we had lunch together when she was home on vacation from her job with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). She works for the most positive organization in the whole world. It is striving to prevent human suffering and death.

Amanda’s job at the CDC is the exact opposite of my job as a bomber pilot in the United States Air Force. Her job is to save people by the millions with appropriate health measures, and mine was to kill them by the millions with H-bombs. I departed my job because it was the ultimate of evil, and she perseveres with hers because it is the ultimate of good. Where I have struggled to find ways to help humanity to survive she has found a way. Thank you, Amanda!

A statement of purpose from the CDC site — “What is the mission of the Centers for Disease Control? CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish our mission CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise.”

Since its founding in 1946 more than 50,000 people have worked for the CDC.

Amanda MacGurn is the front page spokesperson for the CDC.

A backup YouTube video.