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Yesterday my post ended with, “My enthusiasm is to do what I can to bring a robot society into existence which will endure for billions of years.” Most people, when I mention a coming robot society, get worried! What will all the poor people do, they are already finding it impossible to find good paying jobs? I comfort them by saying that most of all traditional jobs will be gone in thirty years and replaced by robots who can do their jobs better and cheaper. The people whose jobs have vanished will be given the benefits that would have accrued to them because the work will be done by the robots and the pay will go to the people.

Temporarily, there will be many new jobs in the form of robot repair and people will be doing jobs that haven’t been replaced by robots … yet. However, human designers and the robots themselves are working on finding those human jobs that the robots can’t do and are redesigning the desired end products to be made by robots so there won’t be any need for human labor. There is no need for humans to do manually skilled things like build houses if they can be prefabricated in a robot factory, hauled in self-driving trucks to the site, and assembled into a house by a robot. The whole house could be designed from beginning to end to be built for a specific person to their specifications by robots. That could be done at present, but of course, it would cost a lot more than doing it with human laborers because of the set-up costs. The difference, in the long run, is that once a single house was built, and the problems solved, the second house would be built much quicker, and cheaper. The third would be even cheaper, and the millionth as automatic as an automatic clothes washer-dryer-fluffer-hanger and totally free of any expensive human work.

Speaking of these robots as independent entities isn’t quite right because almost all of them will be multiply-linked to the main internet-like system. Even the tiny robots will be reliably linked so they can do their assigned jobs, and can’t be shut down, short of physical destruction, but even that destruction is made perfectly controlled with a backup plan. Hidden robot overseers will be watching from a safe distance and observing whatever might be interfering with the operations of the robot. These overseeing robots will tag the problem and other robots capable of responding appropriately will be sent out to fix the problem, and whatever caused it. Currently, humans might resent the robots, but after a while, they won’t be a problem because the robots are there for their protection and advancement, and will be making their lives noticeably healthier, and happier.

When the people become aware that their whole lives are much better because of the robots they too will become watchers to make sure everything is running perfectly.

Robots can and will offer us a safe, healthy society versus the threats of annihilation from H-bombs that we now endure.