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As Debbie and I were returning from our fancy dinner with a friend at the Drake restaurant downtown, we discovered four deer in our front yard. I stopped out front and took this picture of the first deer, a buck with a nice rack, eating from the lower branches of our aspen tree.

A few moments later he headed over toward the right where that portion of our garden that is in front of our house has survived up to this moment.

Three more buck deer came over within a minute and Debbie took action by walking over to where the deer is standing above, and all four of the deer leapt over our fence on the right and on to our neighbor’s yard. We went inside and half an hour later went for our evening walk, and the deer had moved across the street into the Goodrich city park.

I’m writing this post about two hours later and just went out with my flashlight to see if they were still there. I saw four bright yellow eyes right where they are standing, so I whistled softly to see what would happen, and suddenly there were eight eyes; four of them over by the fence. All of the deer were lying down apparently bedded down for the night, so I went back into my house to do my things.

We have a six-foot high fence all around our backyard garden, so it is deer proof. Those deer look well fed so it isn’t necessary for them to eat our vegetables. As is obvious in this photo the squash are doing very well. We were warned after an earlier post that we could expect an explosion of squash. We discovered that one plant would have produced all the squash we needed but we have over a dozen, so I have been imposing on our neighbors to take some and had to take a half-bushel to the UU church this morning. They were super fresh, having been picked only a few minutes before my departure. Everyone says they taste great, including me. Next year we will put in a variety pack of similar squash and a variety pack of melons.

We have plenty of space in our backyard garden so it makes sense to make our front yard more decorative next year and not so utilitarian.