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Every moment of one’s life needs some degree of adaptation to changing circumstances and yet there are quiet times when a longer view can be explored. It feels like this is one of those times for everyone here on planet Earth because by most objective measures the overall situation is quite good. There are only a few wars in progress and even those seem to be limited. It’s not like World War One or Two where almost everyone was somehow involved in those national and ideological struggles. Diseases are mostly held in check and not like when I was a child and there were twenty common diseases that were killing lots of people, and few people were dying from old-age diseases like cancer and heart attacks. Life expectancy of the world population has almost doubled and there are few people facing famine that is not part of some intentional social conflict. One thing ignored by most people watching TV, or their other media, is that back when I was young, people spent most of what we now call free time working. “Man works from sun to sun, woman’s work is never done” was more than a silly jingle.

The seeming chaos at present is mostly generated by stovepiping of media to selected individuals, and the ability of our massively intrusive computers to identify your personal wants so precisely that we are then manipulated by the computers on an individual level. Generalized ads are now being generated by people with the aid of computers, and then keywords and ideas are honed by the computers to feed you the information is such a way that you buy into their spin on reality.

That was how our last election was handled, and vast numbers of individual people were led to believe they were being personally targeted by a corrupt democracy. The majority of people were thought to be against them personally because the computers could ferret out their problems on some specific issue and pander to that problem and make it into a personal attack on you personally and thus you would feel abused. Well, there are many issues, and on average you are going to be in the minority on half of those issues, and half of the time you will feel it was unjust and you will feel oppressed. Now, when the computers are tracking you and your general beliefs they can target your problems with enough specificity that you feel the whole democratic system is corrupt.

Thus, many people turn to an angry spokesman who claims they know your problems and will make everything perfect again, to make it just the way it should be. By creating a new problem every day there is never an opportunity to think about the previous day’s problem long enough to understand it and cope with it in a reasonable way. Thus, a crisis situation is generated and built on previously unresolved crises in a feedback loop that makes everyone unsatisfied and unsatisfiable.

We are living in the best of times and the worst of times, so enjoy the good things and ignore those bad things you can’t do anything about.