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There were a couple of things I saw today that might cause a problem for my friends if I published them, so you don’t get to see them. Sorry. When entering the café La Magie for lunch I saw this and thought it would fit in well with my lines and shadows series. It doesn’t make any symbolic sense, nor any particular compositional sense either, but it is fun to nose around in it and see strange lines and shadows.

Just after sunset, this rainbow appeared in front of my house. Yes, it was after sunset so the sun wasn’t shining down at my ground level, or in the trees across the road, but it was still shining at about the one thousand foot above my terrain level. There was no direct sunshine on Pilot Butte, the top of which is about five hundred feet above my house; it is just visible at the very edge of the left side of this photo.

There was a strange quality to this rainbow in that there were no greens and blues. Apparently, the shorter wavelength colors were filtered out by the very low angle of the sun shining through more than usual amounts of atmosphere. The outer rainbow does have some greens that are almost as intense as the reds. Hmm? Also, the sky is very pinkish on the inside of the rainbows and very bluish to the outside of them. This is a straight photo with no manipulation of the colors.

An update on my backyard garden. It is exploding with zucchini and squash, and the corn is higher than my knees, and the strawberries are very tasty. The lettuce, which is out of sight here is superabundant and tastes exquisite in salads.

It was a day that Seneca would have approved of, just lived and enjoyed.