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Three weeks ago I posted Our garden is “alive.” Yippie! Sort of. There has been some growth and a visual update will demonstrate my assertion. I make that quibble statement because unsubstantiated assertions annoy me, although not as much as unsubstantiatable assertions, and thus if you, a viewer, are willing to accept photographs as valid evidence, then you might get some pleasure from viewing my success at gardening.

I hope my success won’t stimulate your negative feelings like envy, or jealousy, or greed, or the desire to break into my backyard and eat my veggies … like the deer do in my front yard. There is a fence all around my backyard, that is deer proof, but I suspect that the gate just might succumb to your human wiles. So, on second thought I won’t post these alluring photos. Hmm, on the third thought you are probably honest, and on fourth thought, I suspect you just don’t give a damn and are wondering why you are reading this. This first photo was taken three weeks ago.

A garden with newborn plants

A view of the rows of topsoil I trucked into the backyard.

This is the way it looks today.

Some things grew a lot and some of their brethren in the same row didn’t grow much. Why? I don’t know. The second row up illustrates that observation. The light green shrub on the right survived the devasting windstorm and the destruction of three two-hundred-year old Ponderosa pines coming down. Just this way from that shrub is a remnant the loggers covered up with dirt rather than removing it. It is at the top of the row of potatoes, which are doing very well.

Here is a current view looking east from the other end.

The view of the garden three weeks ago from the opposite end with some arugula.

We have been eating these things every day but as you can easily see they are growing faster than we are eating.

I moved the table from the patio into the garden

We have a more intimate feeling of being in touch with our successful gardening by eating our lunch out in our food supply. Strawberries and raspberries will soon be edible.

We live and live and nothing happens.