I must be an exceedingly slow learner! Today it happened again that I talked about very important ideas but I discussed them in a lighthearted way. What happened has happened thousands of times before … That is, the people of the group chuckled at my humor and then reverted to talking about profound subjects with assertive mannerisms and glum words. I don’t think they realized how they were discussing bad behaviors of other people and how they had displayed their superior coping abilities over these inferior people in these rotten situations. These kinds of inherently ugly conversations always seem to be carried on with a smirky smile and a friendly know-it-all attitude. My annoyance with these conversations is that they don’t respond with anything better they have learned and have practiced doing in some way.

There is a problem with approaching difficult problems with a serious attitude, and that is that that emotion easily degenerates into locking on to the negative aspects and the negative responses. Then to closing down of looking at new ideas and new ways of solving the new problems.

Quite the opposite happens when we approach a problem with a light heart and the habit of seeing the humor in the situation. With a light heart, it is easy to see alternatives and to fly through the problems as if they were not problems at all but just things that needed to be done.

Life is just doing things so why not enjoy doing what you’re doing.