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The question of free will was argued a couple of days ago with my buddies, and they were of the opinion that we didn’t have any free will. They claimed that what appears to be our free choice about our actions was predetermined by all sorts of things, and beyond the obvious things that happen to us our programming was imposed on us. Another proof of our lack of free will was the fact that a brain scan device can tell a second or so beforehand which card you will pick out of a group placed in front of you.

I wasn’t of that persuasion, and after a while, I complained vehemently of that route of discussion and must confess that my voice became strident as I spoke my truth. I insisted that I am not a puppet of my past and that I use the experience of my past, even if it is unconscious to me, to form my opinions and my actions. I have free will in choosing which of my experiences and physical options available will be applied at any given moment. Granted, I do not have the free will to defy gravity and float about the room, but within the options available to me I, and you too, have the ability to walk about on the floor at the choice of our personal whim.

I don’t have an absolute free will to do anything I can conceive of, but within the realms of what I can do, I do have a choice. And the choices that are available to me, even at this moment, are vast, and in the expanse of a few days I could be almost anywhere on Earth interacting with any of the seven billion people and my choices there would be very different from here at this computer.

“I am not a number, I am a free man.” I am not a prisoner.