I do love my Subaru Outback even though it attacked me. I was in a hurry, distracted, carrying stuff, thinking about where I was going, struggling with Universal ideas, trying to solve the big problems … when it whacked me in the nose. There is nothing quite like physical reality causing a sudden pain to bring one back to this universe, this world, this car, this opening door, this glass window, this one-inch closer to a window than expected because of the aforementioned distractions and the dimness of a garage where clear glass is minimally visible.

Sometimes when I have a problem I seek a solution and this was one of those times. I thought and thought and like a wise cartoon character came up with a brilliant solution. Why not make the corner of the glass car door window more visible? Why hadn’t that been done long ago? Why can’t I do it now? How can I do it now? Ah ha! Why don’t I put a piece of white tape on that corner of the window so it is more visible and I will soon learn to keep my nose out of its way? So I did. Why don’t I help other people with that problem? So, I made and am posting this one minute video so you can fix your car so it won’t whack you in the nose. I expect huge monetary rewards and international recognition for this magnificent achievement! Don’t you agree?

Great advancements in human achievement

Observe the white tape on the corner of the window.

If this picture doesn’t convey the profundity of this achievement, watch this one minute video on Youtube.