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A year and a half ago I knew my weight was above the recommended maximum Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 and it was time to lose some weight. The US government NIH site states that most Americans are now above that somewhat arbitrary number of BMI 27 and it appeared that I was slimmer than most people and no one ever said I was overweight. All the same a little bit of research on the net appeared to show that a BMI of 23 had the maximum life expectancy. The BMI versus Life Expectancy curve is nearly flat between 21 and 25 so it seemed reasonable to aim for 23. One site had a mathematical ideal point of 23.41 so I did some calculations and headed for 167.25 pounds. As I neared that weight I remeasured my height and discovered that in my advanced age of 82 I had shrunk and to achieve that goal it would be necessary to drop all the way to 156.0 pounds. That was a shock, but now I’m here. Yippie!

Chart of BMI

My Body Mass Index (BMI) for 19 months.

A graph of body weight.

My body weight for 19 months.

graph of my body fat

My body fat for 19 months.

A graph of my Muscle Mass

My Muscle Mass for 19 months.

These charts are created automatically by WeightGurus.com when linked to an electronic scale. One unexpected problem developed because of my increased muscle mass. I am annoyed going up stairs one boring step at a time and unless someone is with me I go up two at a time for two stories. It’s kind of fun swinging up the handrails. That happens almost every day at the local downtown Bend parking structure near my favorite coffee shop, Dudley’s.

I am enjoying being BMI 23.