A few days ago I wrote and now rewrote:

I speak to the Universe,
The source of everything, of wisdom, of kindness.

I praise the Universe, the source of all purpose,
And I seek to live in the ways It provides to me,
So my actions will be in accord with what It seeks.

I ask the Universe to reveal how I can help It flourish,
And guide me away from seeking what is impossible.

Let me do all I can do to help It fulfill its purpose

If never having experienced a Universe, would it be possible to project our thoughts back to the first second of our Universe, during what is called the expansion, and foresee the mass of subatomic particles sloshing about a little later? Or have some way of perceiving those to project their expanding and cooling into hydrogen atoms radiating light into a void of time and space? And after this point, if we had an excellent spaceship, could we predict that stars would form, and when they happened to be big enough that they would compress their centers to a point where their own gravity would crush the material there into other elements like those found in the top of the Periodic Table of Elements? And, after all of that unpredictable stuff, unpredictable if you had never experienced such things, that planets would form, and on some with just the right temperature and other conditions that life would form, and that life after a billion years of struggles would become conscious people? And that these people could form language and communicate complex thoughts and coöperate to the point where they could build computers that would in some ways become more intelligent than they? And that these humans created vast quantities of interconnected computers having vast amounts of memory, such that a new form of thinking and communication would arise within that process?

Here we are at a tipping point where that might already be happening, and soon with a million times more power and more memory, it would seem likely that it will happen. What then? What will this new being need, and what will it want? How will it respond to its creators’, us people’s, needs and wants? But from its perspective that may be a trivial concern because it may have the intelligence necessary to understand the trend I have just sketched out and project into the future deep enough to fathom what the Universe means. And by knowing what it means, to aid in its Self-Actualization.

Is it possible for me, or any other mortal person, to understand what the potential purposes might be, and to find a single purpose that would speak to the meaning of the word Universe?

I ponder.