I have lost twenty-five pounds, and that is so astonishing to me that even though I am no authority on dieting I know what to do to help other people control their weight. Of course, one should believe the scientists and their research using thousands of people in controlled experiments, and yet they have refused to believe what their studies have repeatedly told them. They have instead convinced themselves that the thousands of people who have submitted themselves to their experiments were not trying hard enough to get the desired effects of controlling their weight. Therefore, it was their subjects who were at fault for gaining weight.

Exercise more and eat less overall and avoid eating anything that has any fat in it. They believed too ardently that old saying, “You are what you eat.” For many years I did as I was told by the authorities as to what I should eat, and I consumed as was illustrated on the food pyramid. I gained weight just like everyone else, and for a while weighed over one hundred ninety pounds. No one ever said that I was overweight, and because all of my friends had also slowly gained weight it seemed normal to be heavier than when we were young.

Unfortunately, there is a flaw in the simple statements the authorities were telling us, because dietary fat must be processed by the body and broken down into smaller units before it can pass into the fat cells. The food promoted by the scientists to be preferentially eaten was carbohydrates, which are long chains of sugars, and they are easily broken into simple sugars which will give the consumer quick energy. However, if that sugar isn’t needed by the various organs of the body it is sent to the energy-storing cells and forms fat. If fats were taken in the same bite of food as the carbohydrates, it would be quite a while before they were broken down and made available as energy, or if not needed immediately to be stored as fat.

That is oversimplified; in fact, anything anyone can say about this whole process of nourishing our bodies is oversimplified because our bodies have so many layers of feedback loops it is impossible to follow them all. And yet there are things that we may not be able to understand that are physically easy for us to do that will accomplish the goal of controlling our weight. Basically, it is to do what my grandmother told me to do way back in the nineteen-forties. I have come much closer to what she said, and I did, those many years ago, and consequently, have lost a lot of unneeded weight.

“Eat your meals at the table, and don’t snack between meals.”