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It was said that everyone is unique but some are more unique than others, back on the Animal Farm. Well, so be it. Today in some conversations the subject of discovering strange things via ancestry 23andMe came up. I mentioned how because of that website some unnoticed physical characteristics of mine were discovered, such as a Dupuytren’s Contracture lump in my right hand. It is clearly there at an early stage of development but one needs to know exactly what to look for to find it. At my advanced age is unlikely to develop into a problem, but it is genetically inherited by a substantial percentage of north Europeans and does cause a problem if it develops in early adulthood.

The conversation turned to our other physical peculiarities and I remembered a strange patch of hair on the inside of both of my wrists. At some point someone, I don’t remember who, possibly a relative, told me that it was a rare genetic trait. All of us there at lunch, being of the geeky persuasion, immediately hauled out our smartphones and started searching for examples of this hairy anomaly but we found nothing. Therefore, I am posting these photos to see if anyone else has them and if it is a truly unusual trait and possessed by only a few people. Perhaps there are some of us who are somehow genetically related. Or not.

Weird patch of hair on inside of a wrist.

The inside of my left wrist with a two-inch patch of hair.

A photo of a normal wrist.

The normal hair on the back of the same wrist.

“All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.”