One of the main problems with all diets is that people are unable to comply with their own choice of behavior. That is demonstrated by the poor record of people’s New Year’s Resolution success. Losing weight is the most common resolution and about half of Americans claim to attempt to comply with that promise to themselves. Most fail. My previous post, Top Ten SMART resolutions for the New Year made easier, identifies some typical problems, but my more recent thoughts are aimed at making personal compliance with good decisions easier.

But there is some hope for those who use the SMART plan. SSpecific in exactly what is the intended goal. To plan to lose one pound in a week has a better chance of success than just to lose weight, or to lose twelve pounds in a year. MMeasure your progress in a scheduled way and post your score in a graphic form where you see it every day. A calendar over your scale, with blank spaces to fill in, will help. AAchievable by the real you and not an overly idealized version of what you think might be capable of doing. RRealistic analysis of your past performance and what might improve your likelihood of success. TTime to achieve your goal might be set to one week of easy compliance, and then do the second week and with that success do a month, and then another month, and then you have two month’s success. Then aim for the full New Year Resolution and you have a good chance of total success.

That SMART plan has a better likelihood of success than a simple cold-turkey approach that most people apparently use, but the new diet plan I have been using for over a year, and developing for others to use, is easier. It is almost as easy as breathing because it makes so few demands on a person and the demands aren’t difficult; in fact, they are so pleasurable everyone already wants to do them. It’s like going for a walk in the park. You must decide to take the walk, but once you are doing it the actions are easy and pleasurable. When a person is walking in the park they are relaxed and when they get back to their daily routine they feel more able to cope with their tasks.

Compliance is easy when it’s what you want to do.