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This isn’t big news to anyone but us, but our garden has finally grown enough to start producing. We did eat the arugula thinnings as a garnish in soup yesterday, and today we ate a rather small strawberry. It’s not much, but it is a beginning, and as you can see in the photos I made this afternoon there are lots of potentials for things to grow. Each of those mounds has something planted in it.

The dark dirt is what I did with five cubic yards of good topsoil dumped in the front driveway, and wheelbarrowed into where you see it placed into rows. To get more use out of that good dirt I first dug small ditches and then filled them until they formed a tiny range of mountains. The hope is that the better topsoil will create a better crop than the natural soil which wasn’t even very good at growing weeds.

A garden with newborn plants

A view of the rows of topsoil I trucked into the backyard.

View of the garden from the opposite end with some arugula that needs more thinning.

Debbie is picking our first strawberry.

Our life isn’t going to be a bowl of cherries because we don’t have a cherry tree, but we have planted twenty other things.