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The diet presentation has been percolating for months now, and when I show the handout to people who haven’t seen it before they really like it and ask me for a copy. I haven’t given one out recently, even to close friends, because it has gone through so many mutations. Sometimes a tiny thought will require a total rewrite and I have lost count of the total, in part because I have changed the file name when there is a major revision. But there have been more than thirty rewrites and hundreds of rereads and touch-ups.

The goal is to make it absolutely simple to read and to follow the advice. Not even advice, not even suggestions, just tips that you might choose to consider, and to do. I want everything about this diet to be self-directed so that it becomes little more than doing what you always have done and just emphasizing some aspects of your normal behavior. And yet, behind every idea there is fundamental experimental evidence that doing what is suggested will help you to live a healthier longer life. And for your children to live healthier and longer lives, too.

My so-called deep-thoughts twist my-brain but may help you untwist yours.