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Debbie and I take two walks every day. It is always pleasant and today we sat on the bench which you can just see in a recent post under the Ponderosa tree on the left, (reposted here). It is in Hollinshead Park here in Bend, Oregon.

Debbie and I with a halo sitting on our bench in Hollinshead Park

This is what I saw when I looked up. Very nice but somehow a bit scary too. In all of the beauty, there is sometimes a fall from grace.

Ponderosa tree branches

The view straight up into the Ponderosa tree from our park bench.

Dead chicks.

A fallen bird’s nest with chicks was not far away.

A dead bird chick

A fallen bird chick lies dead on the grass.

A dead bird chick

A second fallen bird chick also lies dead on the grass.

A bird chick dead on the grass

A third fallen bird chick lies dead on the grass.

The whole bird’s nest had fallen from the tree sometime earlier. There were several grey feathers scattered around, perhaps from the mother bird trying to correct the situation. That was impossible of course.

Life is short but sometimes it’s too short.