After the stress of yesterday, today was a walk in the park. After a brief update of my medical condition with my dudes, as I didn’t want them to worry about nothing I headed over to my Tuesday morning discussion group. It was smaller than usual with only eight people attending, but the conversation was lively, as usual. We tried to discuss how to relate with people we are presently involved with, in the moment, with whom we have some fundamental social differences. My example was of an obese woman I once observed putting Coke in her baby’s nursing bottle. Another example was of people driving huge gas-guzzling pickups and thus using up our common resources of air and fuel just to show off. It seemed almost everyone was a little disturbed by my examples but were more concerned with my being judgmental and felt that I would feel better if I just ignored those things which I found unpleasant.

I worked for a while in my garden, and read for a while, and then Debbie and went for our afternoon walk. I took a few photos with my iPhone.

Hollinshed Bend, Oregon park table

Here is our park bench just before dogs and people arrive.

Hollinshed park irrigation ditch

The irrigation ditch dam is not far from the bench.

Rain clouds

Some clouds over our head looked menacing; then it rained.

Rain clouds

The same clouds morphing.

Dark clouds

They change a little more, as clouds and life will do.

A garden path with design rocks

Hollinshead garden with our bench just visible over the fence

It was a calm day and we survived intact.