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The VA wanted me to come over for a consultation with yet another doctor. This was related to some pains in my right foot. I am already seeing a podiatrist in Bend but they wanted to make some x-rays and possibly other things, although I only ended up with a five-minute consultation and about five minutes in the x-ray room (45.4973, -122.6837). For that service, I had a five-hour drive both ways and an overnight in a motel (45.4606, -122.7086). The supposed driving time is less, but by the time I was actually parked in front of Powell’s Bookstore it had been four hours and forty-five minutes and by the time I had my coffee and was sitting down (45.5232, -122.6819) it was a full five hours.

I was meeting my niece and her daughter there at five so the brief stops at the two official rest stops along the way were the only delays. Those two stops were the only ones, except for the seemingly inevitable stops of traffic, even freeway traffic crawls and stops, when you are near Portland. I had a wonderful conversation with my relatives and I discovered things about myself that I didn’t know. WOW things. Doing the 23andMe genetic exploration of one’s DNA can have some unusual and unexpected twists.

The five-hour drive back was more leisurely with no unintended rush-hour STOP events, just a 15-minute delay where there were road repairs going on.  We did have a planned basket lunch at the Maples rest stop (44.7552, -122.3876) on highway 22. It was okay but a bit crowded. I had noticed a turnoff to a Detroit State Park when going to Portland yesterday, so we also stopped there for a half-hour walk. It was very nice and we had it all to ourselves.

Detroit Lake, Oregon

Detroit lakeside trail with a rustic lunch table.

Panoramic photo from a boat dock on Detroit Lake (44.7279, -122.1758)

Debbie and I sitting on our bench in Hollinshead Park with a sunshine halo. 44.0707, -121.2875

It was a beautiful day but tiring and now it’s time for a hot bath.