Today I had my first visit with the doctor who will be doing my radiation therapy. He is a guy with whom I had an instant rapport. Very friendly and my kind of intellectual. He actually knew personally of two of the people who are important to me. One in New York and one in Berkeley. I can’t be more specific at this time, but I was astonished. Of course, the problem is that today I began my hormone therapy which will go for about two months before I begin the radiation treatment which will also go for about two months. The probability of a positive outcome is good and my projected life expectancy is about eight years. I should be happy about that, but all the same, even a good projection is sort of like a death sentence. My basic attitude is Stoical and cheerfully making the best of a mortal life that has already expended 82 years.

After returning from that event, which Debbie attended, she made a Purple Carrot lunch that I really liked, and we typically also have a vegan protein drink. I noticed the last of this concoction made a pretty pattern in the glass, so I took some pictures.

Plant protein mix running down my drinking glass.

Another view of the flow of the protein drink.

Haven’t had enough? Here’s some more.

Unfortunately, one piece of the lavash bread got burnt.

That was how my day went and felt.