I have been experimenting with my heart arrhythmias when taking hot baths. Some degree of heartbeat variability isn’t considered a bad thing and some claim it is actually a good thing not to have too consistent a heartbeat. However, skipping beats doesn’t seem like a good thing so I started experimenting with my heart to see if I could control the beating and prevent the skips.

While I am taking baths if I put my head underwater, just to where my ears are underwater and not my nose, I can hear my heartbeats in the blood flowing through my ears. Also, I can take my pulse the standard way in my wrist by using the fingertips of the opposite hand. I do both of these methods simultaneously so there isn’t any doubt about when there is a missed heartbeat. Okay, I know you are thinking I am crazy for doing these kinds of experiments but I’m a little crazy and still trying to get my marshmallow.

After trying various ways of squeezing my stomach muscles, and holding my breath in different ways such as different pressures and vacuums, I discovered that what worked best for me … and I don’t suggest that you do these experiments … unless you’re crazy … then you are on your own and don’t blame me if you die. What worked for me to prevent arrhythmias was pursing my lips and creating a slight vacuum when pulling air into my lungs and leaving my lips pursed and creating a slight pressure when breathing out. The rate of breathing was normal and I just let my body tell me when to breathe in and out. My hot bath was carefully kept between 105°F when I added hot water and 106°F which was my top aim point on the mouth-type thermometer.

I haven’t tried any of the yogic meditations for controlling heart rhythm but this method worked without years of esoteric spiritual training.