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Debbie and I have gone to Bend’s First Friday Art Walk every month for the last seven years. We look at the art, of course, but we also have casual meetings with my friends and this evening I took some pictures. People tell me they like my blog posts more when there are pictures. Here’s some of what I saw tonight.

At the Red Chair art gallery I saw this Dragonfly by Dunlavy.

At the Roth gallery, I liked the sculpture and its shadows by Smithey

Outside couples were enjoying the sunset glow at Drake Park.

The sunset over Mirror pond was enhancing the emotional glow.

A girl was touching or touched by this Ponderosa in the setting sun.

The Mockingbird Gallery’s back door was closed but still looked pretty.

The iconic BEND symbol was glowing in the evening light

And this is only a tiny part of our evening at the First Friday Art Walk.