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When I got out of the bathtub last night an ant was running across the floor. It ran away from my foot and toward the vertical junction between the tub and the wall, where it was soon entangled with a spider web. Apparently, in its overly motivated effort to avoid my foot, it wasn’t as cautious as it normally would have been. I looked down to its struggles with the web, when out from a crevice the tiniest spider imaginable ran out to observe the struggling ant.

This was an opportunity to use the device I invented last month for doing a close-up movie of the struggle, so I hurried naked and dripping water to my desk to get my iPhone and the other paraphernalia. Here is a still shot of the pair:

A black ant and a tiny tan spider.

A black ant and a tan spider in a life-and-death struggle.

but click here for an exciting one-minute YouTube movie of this battle.

The face of a day-old dead ant caught yesterday in a spiders web.

The ant lost this battle but I don’t want a spider living in my bathroom. Humm, what to do?