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One of the greatest risks to human beings these days and one that I can do something about is the epidemic of obesity. My thought is that if the message of what an individual can do to achieve a healthy body is delivered in just the right way, people will respond. They want to be healthy and save their lives, and the epidemic will come to an end.

Until about 1970 there were few obese people and now there is an abundance of them; therefore there must be some things that happened that caused the problem. I believe I know what those things are because I and my wife have done some things and successfully lost our excess weight. A sample of two people isn’t science but what we have done is based on scientific studies and so simple to do that anyone can do it. However, even a good method must be presented in the right way or no one will do it.

I have rewritten the handout to my diet plan over and over again with the goal of making it easy and doable by everyone. Almost every day after reworking it on the computer I print it out, thinking this is it! This is the final version! And then I get a new spin on the presentation that is essential, and redo the whole thing again. And then print that up and show it to my pals. They are good and fair critics and make excellent suggestions. They quibble about a word, a suggestion about how to make it even less directive and more in the control of the reader, a need to make it clearer! Make it shorter! Don’t use obscure words! Get the reader involved! Don’t be demanding of the person to do anything! Don’t make it so obvious it is meaningless! Set a high goal, but make it easy! Keep the typeface big so it is easy to read, but say more on the page,  but don’t make it too detailed. Use words in a unique way, but make them simple and obvious to everyone.

Do the impossible and make it look easy. Yes! I can do that!