I haven’t made much effort to make money with ideas, even though if you follow this blog you will see lots of new ideas go by. I seem to enjoy the pursuit of ideas rather than the exploitation of them. Here is an obvious idea to me but I haven’t seen it done in physical reality so perhaps it could be done and some people probably will think that it ought to be done and after hearing of it will seek to do it.

Here in Bend, Oregon, lots of vehicles, perhaps most of them, have trailer-hitch balls on their rear. Some of the balls have been removed, perhaps to prevent theft, or perhaps as a kind gesture of not impaling other cars’ front bumper when parking. I have no idea how many vehicles here in the US have these towing balls or the hole that is built semi-permanently into the car’s rear end for inserting the ball assembly into. There are 263.6 million registered vehicles here in the US and even more in China, and 1.015 billion in the world. Thus there is a huge potential to sell silly things that would fit onto these balls. If one in ten cars has a towing ball and the decoration would sell for $10 that would be a market of a billion dollars.

What I propose is decorative towing-ball covers. These could be designed for all sorts of special themes and an obvious one is for sport team supporters. These ball covers could be simple, like the colors of the team supported, or they could be comic figures representing the team mascot. Our local team here in Oregon is the Oregon Ducks and therefore there could be duck figures designed to stretch over the trailer hitch balls. They could be knitted, or made of carved materials. We also have a team called the Beavers so one of the decorations could be a beaver tail. I guess a team called the Red Sox could get by with an old red sock. As they say on TV, the possibilities are endless. Probably it has already been done.Duck ball cover IMG_9568

Enough of this nonsense post about towing-ball decorations. You grab it and run with it.