I have discovered lots of things and written them up and even published some on this blog but beyond that never made much effort to bring them into public awareness. Perhaps it’s my failure on the marshmallow test that has made me hesitant to put my discoveries forward where they may be seen, appreciated and criticized. From the inside, it feels like I have pursued what is interesting me at the time and after I have found a solution to a problem that satisfies me it isn’t interesting anymore and I move on to another problem.

My post about revelations of Conan Doyle being Jack the Ripper is currently on my site’s top ten most popular posts. That series of murders is something that I was aware of back in 1988 when I did a presentation to the AAAS about Conan Doyle’s hoaxes. I didn’t mention that to the science meeting because my talk was about hoaxes that impacted scientific discoveries, like the Piltdown Man. It was still considered a marginally legitimate find and it was corrupting research. There are other bits of legitimate science still being corrupted or at least confused by evidence intentionally created to generate controversy, by Conan Doyle. 

There are many other things that are more important to me and the rest of humanity at the moment, such as my super simple method for easing the obesity epidemic and adding years of life expectancy to billions of people. That’s huge! Isn’t it?! And the Earthark Project to save the plants and thus animals too of the world, isn’t that important? So, why should I waste any time at all on some century-old hoaxes? There may still be hundreds of them still undiscovered, buried in places where they can be found. Doyle left clues as to how to find them. I know that to be a fact because I have found some, but I haven’t published where to find them. It’s too easy. Why not leave them in situ where they can create the exciting stir as Doyle intended?

So, at the moment my time will be devoted to helping ease the obesity epidemic.