I enjoyed today, sort of. Up early after a good night’s sleep and then fiddled with my diet presentation for an hour. Then over to the coffee shop and had a pleasant old-dude analysis of the world problems and what “they” should do about them. I try to talk about what we should do about them but that never gets much traction. I showed some pictures I made last night on my evening walk with Debbie, which were well received by Richard Cork, an excellent artist. Why don’t I download them now and show what can happen in a few minutes?

Some lemons and limes Debbie left on the counter by the sink

A fence on 10th Street, two blocks south of our house.

Another fence on 10th Street

A house across the street from the fence

Steps on 10th Street next to the house

Lichens and moss on a rock on 10th Street

Succulents next to the rock on 10th street

Skull and gears a couple of steps over but still on 10th Street

These are all unprocessed photos taken on my iPhone in about five minutes. Except for the lemons, that was just before we left the house for our daily walk.

Lots more happened but it doesn’t feel like a productive day.