My thoughts are coming together for a short series of lectures on life management. Actually, that is what this blog has been about for a couple of thousand posts so it would be expected that I would have something to say. Every one of those posts was about something I had thought about, and as I was writing each one of them I felt like there was something new that was being explored. They are a bit repetitive in content because each of them was intended to be a stand-alone essay and thus needed some background to be expanded upon. But they are all intended to have a nugget of new.

The lecture series I am now intending to do on weight control and stabilization is based on the simple fact that I have succeeded with very little effort in coping with a problem that has plagued humanity for the last fifty years. That is the explosion of obesity. Here is a graph of my weight for the last sixteen months. Over that period of time, I lost 25.2 pounds for an average of about 1.6 pounds per month.

A chart of my body weight

My weight was graphed automatically from my electronic scale to my computer.

I lost that body weight using my version of the intermittent fasting technique combined with the small number of simple habits that I developed and posted yesterday. The whole system is designed to be super simple and as easy to do as walking, sleeping, and not eating constantly. Actually, there is nothing new about what is being presented and it is all obvious, at least it is obvious to me. But then many things are obvious to me that are considered nonsense to everyone else; at least that is until they are considered as obvious to everyone. Here are some ideas I published 23 years ago. They are most obvious now. Moving on.

Stay tuned; I will reveal this method online like I dribbled out clues to the identity of Jack the Ripper. Just saying it is boring.