Last year on April 7, 2017, our next door neighbor’s full-grown Ponderosa pine tree fell on our house. There are still repercussions from that storm but now they are fewer and less exciting in their entertainment value. For example, last month on March 20, 2018, we had the Ponderosa we named Moe that had roots growing under where I sit at this moment writing this post removed. That was exciting in that it was directly over my head and we stayed out of the house. Then a week later the stump was dug away to a depth of about a foot, which was noisy and only the other side of a wall where I am still sitting. Then on March 30, 2018, I rented a hand-operated Barreto brand rototiller and tilled my yard for three separate days when I had a little energy, which was intermittent. Since then I have been cleaning up the various messes and smoothing out the tilled ground to make it more amenable to planting a garden in a few weeks. It will need some fertilizer to bring the Ponderosa forest floor up to agricultural standards.

Our neighbor three doors up has over a dozen Ponderosas within striking distance of his house and a couple of them have dropped ten-inch diameter branches on his roof since our big storm event. That’s an ongoing struggle for those people, not us. We now only have one big Ponderosa that can hit us and it is in property over our backyard fence. That house got a direct hit from a Ponderosa last year. It was only recently fully repaired and I saw a new couple moving in last week, but I haven’t met them yet. Another house a block away was demolished in last year’s storm and the owner just now has finished going from an original foundation up to getting a new roof on last week. These things take time! There is the money but also it is difficult to find contractors to do the work because there are so many construction projects in progress at the moment here in Bend. It is said we are the third fastest growing city in the US.

Strangely though all of this struggle our Zillow house price estimate has more than doubled in seven years, which is typical for Bend at the moment.