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I got the rototiller onto the trailer Sunday evening so I would be sure it was ready to pull back to the rental location and it was back to its home station on time, but the new trailer hitch wouldn’t let loose of the trailer. The release lever which holds the ball onto the car wouldn’t lift high enough to release the receiving cup on the trailer from the ball on my Subaru Outback. I and the yard guy messed with that for a bit and I suggested we take the whole ball assembly off of the car and then remove the ball assembly from the trailer. I had just bought that ball assembly a couple of days ago and put it on, so I knew it would work if there wasn’t too much tension on the components. I wiggled the fastener pins while he wiggled the trailer and with a bang, the whole tongue of the trailer was on the ground. I then lifted the lever, the whole thing came apart and I put it in the trunk. End of the whole episode of yard tilling. In a few days, we will get with the planting of a huge garden. My muscle soreness is mostly gone, but my memories of this experience will last for quite a while.

So I am back to my major project for the moment, that of getting ready to give a lecture on my diet plan. We unpacked and set up the new projector that we just got from Amazon, and the laser controllers and hand pointer thing and hoped for the best. Of course, they all worked perfectly on the first try. Not! The USB from the computer would hook up just fine to the USB on the projector but they were somehow incompatible. We could run a movie we had on a USB stick and there was a speaker inside the projector so we could watch a movie directly from the projector. Not exactly hi-def quality, but the whole thing only cost $44 new, and what should I expect from a device that was only intended to project a few pictures and some text for a PowerPoint lecture? I’m not sure but I suspect that if I put the lecture on to the USB stick I could do the whole thing without a computer. I’ll report on that after the probable suffering.

My friend J has been encouraging me to drop the word diet from my talk. I agreed to that idea weeks ago and I have been using various other terms like weight stabilization in my written notes and handouts, but I haven’t developed the habit of using those words when talking to other people. At the moment I have intentionally lost 24.4 pounds at a rate of about 1.5 pounds per month. It has been so easy that I feel obligated to tell everyone who chooses to hear about it. I am planning to make the basic lecture into a fifteen-minute talk rather like a TED talk. If it is announced at the UU fellowship as only fifteen minutes, there will be more people willing to come. Also, the downtown library will give a nice room, seating about fifty people, for a talk once a month.

Two other projects are in the offing – The Potent Places of the World, and a show of some of my photos.