Tips for Easy Living
I can do that!

I rewrote my lecture notes again today to make all the proposed actions easier and more pleasantly stated. Also, there are published research sources for each of the tips for which there will be links. The ideas are so simple and obvious that most people hearing my lecture will think they have already done things just like that. About half of the tips are about stress reduction. That is important because stress stimulates the body to generate the hormone cortisol and that is one of the substances that has been proven to generate the deposition of fat. Several of the tips are about reducing insulin which is also a hormone that has been proven to stimulate fat deposition.

There are remarkably easy ways to control the body’s production of those two hormones. It is strange that the common diets that people use actually create stress because they place unusual conditions on the person. Lots of “do this, don’t do that” types of demands. And they promote various types of guilt for people when they fail, which they nearly always do … which creates more stress. The sad thing is that the various long-term studies of large numbers of people followed for many years have consistently found that hunger and exercise don’t bring about the trim healthy body that people expected. It seems counter-intuitive but the observed facts are that all diets work in the short term and all diets fail in the long term. Unfortunately, they do worse than fail, they are often counterproductive; the dieters not only lose the battle of the pounds but become depressed because of the failure. The depression is stressful, and stress is a generator of fat.

The biggest problem with this Tips for Easy Living dieting plan is that when it becomes popular, which it will because it worked perfectly for me and another person for a year, it won’t make anybody any money; in fact, it will cost lots of people lots of money. The snack industry will be hit hard, the corn syrup industry will be nearly destroyed, and lots of people will get so much healthier, the medical industry will shrink noticeably. I won’t make any money because the ideas I will be presenting don’t even need a book to describe them fully, a magazine article will do, or cheaper yet … posting them on this free blog will do just fine. I will do that, but first I want to give some lectures and hopefully get a large enough sample of people doing these techniques while randomly assigning an equal number of people to do some other diets to make the methods into proven methods.

Tips for Easy Living will succeed because it is fun and it works.