I have been totally successful at dieting and I want to share my experiences for how you and others can also succeed at weight loss. The strange thing to me is that there are so many people who are overweight and want to lose it but can’t. It is incredibly easy if you do the right things and don’t do the wrong things. It is easy to know the difference and easy to remember what to do. In fact, it is easy to set up most of these things to be so automatic you only have to do them once. Unless you move to a new home — then you will have to set them up once again, and that might take five minutes.

My diet plan is so easy the only problem I am having is finding a name for the system that communicates its ease and simplicity. Tips for Easy Living is a good name because nearly all of these ideas are not demands of any kind, just tips. They are not even suggestions, as even that mild word has a connotation of a know-it-all telling you what to do. Tips are more like, “Give this a try because I discovered it sometimes works for me.” Actually, most of the tips are so easy it makes sense to name the system, I can do that! I have been re-reading my lecture notes and layout, again and again, trying to make dieting easier to do and more pleasant in every way. If you are doing something you want to do, then it’s easy and fun to do it. Therefore, have the task before you stated in terms that you find agreeable. If you see something as a desirable quest then stating that goal clearly and bringing your attention to that goal makes it a desirable thing to be doing.