I’ve been intentionally losing weight for a little over a year and it has been easy and mildly interesting. It is so easy losing weight it is strange to me why there is such a fuss over it and why so many people are looking like blimps. It is as if those famous weight-loss programs are not really about helping their clients actually lose weight but to help them lose money. I guess that’s weight if it’s in the form of coins.

I have been writing up a lesson-plan/hand-out for giving a lecture, or perhaps a series of lectures, on how I lost twenty-two pounds in fourteen months. There is nothing in the method I used that anyone can’t easily do and what’s more it won’t cost any money. The big name weight-loss programs cost a lot of money and take a lot of commitment. Mine costs less than you are spending right now on food and so you will be putting money into your pocket from the first day and for the rest of your life. Furthermore, your life will probably be longer and much healthier.

I just reread that page and of the two dozen tips, none are more difficult than the first one: “Going for a ten-minute walk before a meal is relaxing appetizer and makes the meal healthier.” Or how about this one for difficulty, “Not hungry? Don’t eat!” Or this one, “The whole day will be calmer when your bedroom is dark, quiet, and at a cool 66°F., and your bed is prewarmed.”

Each of those simple ideas has reasons why it will help you to lose weight. The first because your body will benefit from being relaxed when you eat. The second one because you shouldn’t eat just because it’s “time” to eat. And the third because when you sleep really well your stress level will be lower and your stress hormones will be lower and they affect your fat storage. All of the tips are like that. Really simple to describe and obvious things you should be doing anyway.

I want to get the handout written up just right and have the key links to the science on the back.