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It seems implausible but last night my 82½-year-old taste buds just ate the best chocolate dessert I ever put in my mouth. It was called flourless chocolate cake. I’m not into promoting a business and have never met the proprietors, but Open Door in Sisters’ “cake” was super delicious.

About ten years ago one of my Berkeley friends had just gotten back from an international chocolatiers convention held in Chicago and she brought back some of the samples. It was beyond friendship to share several small samples of these precious things and it was a debt I never repaid. Quite frankly there was no way to repay that pleasure until now. Perhaps the chocolatiers trade has moved on in the ensuing decade and there are even better chocolate things elsewhere, but it seems hard to believe.

Tonight here in Bend we had a fifty-dollar dinner at one of our premier restaurants, and I had to compare their flourless chocolate cake with the one I had last night. This one was very good, and two nights ago I would have said it was one of the best chocolates I had ever eaten. Perhaps not out of place with those I mentioned having had back in Berkeley, but it was totally outclassed when compared to last night’s ecstasy.

I am satisfied with my life and my modest economic standing but when I occasionally eat something really great, like that chocolate cake, I remember my experiences of having unlimited money to spend in high-end restaurants. That was one of the perks of being a USAF pilot, along with the pleasures of being the point of the spear of the greatest country in the world. At least that’s the way I felt at the time.

Sigh! That was then and this is now, and I missed sixty years of great eating … etc.