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Here is a blank space [ ]. Can that make a difference? What if it was twice as big, [  ]?Would it make twice as much difference? OR, what if it was twice as big as that, [    ]?Would that make four times the difference as the original [ ]? Or, to go the other way, would [], which is half as big as [ ], make only half as much difference? Or how about ][, which reverses the container borders? Does that make something that wasn’t significant even less significant or suddenly make something quite meaningless suddenly slightly comic, and if that was expanded with more spaces, ]  [ , does it become more comic? How about this, ]          [? I suspect that before this blat you would never have thought that had any meaning whatsoever and now it does. Maybe.

I don’t know a plausible answer to any of this nonsense, but it does seem to be thinking outside of the box … [_].