The background materials for the new diet plan are now in place. At least they are near ready, and some of the handouts have been rewritten quite a few times. Generally, I have to redo at least a dozen times on my “final” drafts of pictures and writings before I am willing to show them to anyone other than my local critic buddies.

Fortunately, I have some friends that are skilled in areas that are very helpful in spotting nuances that I usually feel, but because I haven’t brought the problems fully to consciousness it requires a lot of muddling around. But, with the fresh eyes of a person experienced with a subject, they can spot them instantly. I have become familiar with the kind of comments that will be coming, such as “too wordy here”, “too contentious there,” “too judgmental there,” “make it more conversational and not so pedantic,”.

I know these types of comments are coming and therefore I should put up a card right here on my computer screen saying those things. … I just did that.

It is important to give some public talks on this project because that is the only way that some of the problems will be discovered. They must be exposed before they can be corrected. If a dozen presentations are necessary before they are decent then it is time to make final preparations. I have already sussed out two places where I can give presentations, so that won’t be a problem. I have done enough “stage work” so I can probably feel okay being before a small crowd. I have read plenty of background material and thought about it enough to be sure I understand the basic concepts, but it requires presenting it before people before one can become skilled at presenting the material. Perhaps the most important thing is that I am certain that I know what I am talking about because I now have a year-long track record of perfect success doing what I am promulgating.

The time for action is near. I had been thinking to do my first presentation about May 1st. May Day! Perhaps even calling it the May Day diet. Probably not. I checked the possibility of “A Life Strategy – Food” online and that title seems unique enough to be useful. That title leaves the option open to make the whole enterprise greater than just diet. That is where the work on Love Your Life was going when I got distracted for a couple of months by “the other group.” Fortunately, that fell through and I now can devote my energies to more important tasks that are dearer to my heart:

Saving the species of the world, saving humanity, saving people’s health and lives.