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Strategy issues have interested me since an early age. Perhaps it is because my high school years were lived a half mile across an open field from where the plutonium was created for the first atomic bombs. During those years I was the closest living child to those facilities and I was old enough to be aware of what they were. Somehow, it didn’t seem strange to me that of the billions of people on earth I was the one who was there. Someone would be the closest and that it was me was just a random fact of life.

Six years later I was assigned to B-47 bombers as a pilot and was about to be issued H-bombs, which are a thousand times more powerful than A-bombs, when I balked. Perhaps someone was going to destroy humanity, but I wasn’t going to be the one.

I just realized this afternoon that many of my life projects have been motivated by similar considerations. The Free Speech Movement made it possible for students on every American campus to speak politically in their public squares, and foreign students to speak there too. That is a much more powerful right than the Second Amendment right to bear arms. A personal gun seems like an insignificant toy against a government with H-bombs and the right and ability to deliver them at their choice. But with free speech an individual with a good idea can confront the most powerful government in the world and win. It happens all the time.

The species of the world are being threatened by human exploitation of their natural environments and it is inevitable that many of them are going extinct. Because all animals live on other life forms it is necessary for the plants that are at the bottom of the food chain to survive for those animals to survive. With that in mind, I spent a lot of time trying to save them. My plan is called the EarthArk Project. It is simple but it hasn’t happened yet. The idea is to distribute envelopes addressed to the EarthArk in Antarctica to people throughout the world. These people would travel about their local area with the instructions to get pinches of local seeds and soils and drop the filled envelope into their local postal system. Once in Antarctica, the samples would be put into permanent cold storage at -50° F. on top of Argus Dome at 14,000 feet altitude.

My present interest is in helping humanity to get control of the obesity epidemic. The government has failed the public because it has promoted policies that don’t work and have failed repeatedly. We humans could add several years of healthy living to our life expectancy with a simple method of eating. Basically, “My Life Strategy – Food” is an improved version of eating the way everyone ate back before 1973, when the US government began interfering with how we ate. It supported farm policies and food manufacturing policies that ended up feeding the public vast amounts of corn-derived sugar. That made vast amounts of money for some individuals but has destroyed the health of Americans and now the population of the world too.

The attention of humanity is continually being directed to unpleasant things which keeps our anxiety high and sells newspapers and other media. Also, there is a constant plea for money to give to the poor of the world, much of which gets used up in “administrative costs.” To instead take a positive approach, I am presently creating markers to identify local places so that people can go there and have a meaningful experience.

My Life Strategy is to find key points and reveal them in a meaningful way.