I am planning to give a presentation on diet and weight control and have been working up the handouts for the presentation. Because of my failure to convince a group of people of the worth of my plans for their spiritual life enhancement I now have more time to devote to the diet project. It was interrupted for a couple of months because of my working up what everyone agreed was a beautiful presentation for that group. It would have brought that moribund organization back to life. But that is not what they wanted, and my plans were not to become a reality, and thus I can use my newly developed skills elsewhere, and perhaps even some of my artwork will be of use too.

There is a worldwide need for what I have to present. For example, people are desperate to learn how to control their obesity but the establishment hasn’t been able to get past the inertia of making money. Vast sums are being made with food and information that don’t enable people’s optimum performance and health.

I have had the habit of giving things away for free (for example the 3,783 Probaway blog posts), but to make a great success of anything it is necessary to have people not just use something but to identify with it. There are many million-dollar success stories based on diet plans that don’t work and medical cures for obesity that fail and thus send people to early graves.

There is far more to this human problem than obesity and that centers around people’s loss of contact with reality.

There is a desperate human need to solve that problem and I intend to do it. It isn’t going to be telling anyone to do anything specific; it is going to be in the form of general tips that people can apply to their personal needs. It is putting a point of view for looking at things before the public’s eyes and letting them see the beauty in these views when seen in a healthy way.

My Life Strategy is to see things from a point of view that will make doing healthy things the obvious thing to do.