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I walk the Bend UU labyrinth every Sunday morning that the stones are not covered with snow and ask them questions. No, I am not hallucinating that the stones are talking to me. I am projecting my mind over to where they are in time and space and from their point of view I use my powers of projection to get answers to my questions. A couple of weeks ago I asked the labyrinth stones, “What do you need? … From me? Absolutely nothing! Nothing to continue my existence.” In their point of view, I am absolutely temporary. Some of them have been identifiable as unique entities for millions of years and will be for millions of years more into the future, but I didn’t exist in any identifiable form a hundred years ago and will return to absolute invisibility again within another hundred years. I am so temporary!

Today I asked a general question about failure. What is a failure? The stones’ answers ranged from “it’s a meaningless question” to “for us there is no such thing as failure!” Another said, “I am what I am! I do what I do, and I am in perfect agreement with my self and my environment at every instant. I never fail to act perfectly!”

So what’s my problem? Can’t I be as in compliance with my nature as an unthinking stone? The problem, of course, is my thinking, but it is more than just my brain doing its thing, even it is only acting as a stone does, just doing its natural processes. No, it is my free will thinking that is creating the problem. It is my ability to think in words and the concepts they represent and to arrange these words into thoughts of past actions that fell short of my aspirations. Furthermore, these thoughts of failure burden me with projections of probable future failures of falling short of achieving my goals. Thus, I have been, am, and will be a failure. Okay, I can accept that and can move on and be willing to accept partial success.

But the stones say, “What is a success? Isn’t that just another one of your nonsense fantasy concepts signifying nothing?”

Can’t I just be as a stone and just be? Unfortunately, NO. I think and therefore I have things I want to do, and therefore I must always be falling short.